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Meet Isabel

Ever wish you had your child’s sleep figured out?

Well, that’s my job.


Hey mom. Hey dad. I’m Isabel. 

Sleep Coach, psychologist, newborn care specialist, mom to two littles and wife.

I help parents all over the world regain nights of pizza and Netflix or the occasional date night out while their kiddos sleep peacefully in their beds until the next morning. 


And this will be you in just a few weeks. 


I don’t care if you are sharing your bed with your newborn, you are rocking your child for  hours or you are driving in circles around your building because that’s the only thing that does the trick, I want you to know that I do not judge you because I have been there.


I remember very clearly when I realized how much sleep mattered! My first child, Ona (now a playful and mess-maker toddler) was a terrible sleeper. When she was 6 months I would rock her for hours around the house, tears running down my face out of pure despair, only to leave her in the crib knowing perfectly that she would wake up somewhere between four and six times during the night. If I were lucky, I would get 2 uninterrupted hours of sleep. 

Sleep Deprivation is not a mandatory thing in parenthood

I spent countless hours trying to read sleep training books and google ways to help my baby sleep, as I'm sure you have! 


I touched rock bottom and decided to sleep train my child. In a matter of days my daughter was sleeping through the night, and only in a couple of weeks she was sleeping beautifully for naps too! 


Believe me when I say that the parenting game became a whole lot easier since then. 


I was empowered! I was thriving as a mother! I was rested! And my baby was too. Sleep training my child changed my life so much for the better that I wanted to bring that to other moms out there.


I got certified as a sleep coach in 2020 and launched Savvy Sleep when I arrived in Dubai with my family. Since then I have helped a lot of families change their children’s exhausting sleep habits. 


I know you are wondering if you can work through this, or maybe attempt to read another book about baby sleep. Maybe things change when you introduce solids? 

I can help you navigate this today so that you are sleeping in just as little as a few days.


My Philosophy

I consider your personal situation and apply a holistic approach that focuses on the whole family. We work together to meet the goals you set for your baby's sleep and I am there to support you while you implement the foundations that will bring you sleep now and in the future.


Absolutely. The same way you teach your kid how to eat with a spoon and a fork, that they need to brush their teeth or that they shouldn't jump on the couch, you can teach your kids sleep. 

Don't get me wrong, some kids do not need it, but I am sure that's not your case, huh? You can implement some good habits with your little ones that help them learn to self settle and, ultimately, get them to sleep all the hours they need in a day to be fresh and ready to learn and play the next day.


As I cannot promise you that there will be zero tears, I can guarantee that the methods I provide allow you to accompany your kid throughout the process. 

Here is the thing: babies communicate by crying and they do not like change. So, of course, there will be some complaining but, rest assured, your baby will not suffer and he/she will be well looked after at all times.

If you are looking for a zero tears approach to your issue, I can tell you that this is possible, but it will take a lot of time. I’m talking months. I am happy to help you find someone, but that someone ain’t me.

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After 2 weeks, our daughter was sleeping

Isabel understood from the beginning where were we coming from and designed a personalized plan for our daughter. After just a couple days we saw an amazing improvement and after 2 weeks our daughter was sleeping 11 hours without waking up at all!

- Alejandra, 8 mo


Ready to get your little one to sleep?

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