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You may be expecting or you already have your sweet little baby in your hands! Exciting! But oh, yes, also scary. 

"You will never sleep again" ugh, how much we dislike those words. Because they are simply not true! We want to help you learn everything you need to know and that you can start implementing today to make sure that you set up the conditions to have an amazing sleeper right from the start!

Let's get your baby sleeping from day one

Whether your baby has just arrived or you are still expecting, there is a lot you can learn now that can guarantee a few more hours of sleep every week! 

Sleep should not be a guessing game!

Basic Newborn Sleep Package

595 AED

Personalized Newborn Sleep guide

90 min Sleep Consult


Premium Newborn Sleep Package

795 AED

Personalized Newborn Sleep guide

90 min Sleep Consult

Two 30 minutes phone calls 

SM Savvy Sleep templates-3.png

Newborn Sleep Guide

99 AED  

Set the perfect nursery

The first few weeks

Your newborn schedule Encourage self soothing

How to tackle naps

Colic and reflux

Calming tricks


My baby was sleeping in his crib after 2 days!

Our four month old baby didn't sleep in his crib, only on top of us... We were completely desperate when we called Isabel to help us because we had tried everything.


I couldn't believe it when I saw my baby peacefully sleeping in his crib after 2 days!! 

Isabel has changed our lives so much!

- Alvaro, 4 mo


Ready to get your little one to sleep?

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