You may be expecting or you already have your sweet little baby in your hands! Exciting! But oh, yes, also scary. 

"You will never sleep again" ugh, how much I dislike those words. Because they are simply not true! I want to help you learn everything you need to know and that you can start implementing today to make sure that you set up the conditions to have an amazing sleeper right from the start!

Newborn Sleep Guide

99 AED  

Set the perfect nursery

The first few weeks

Your newborn schedule Encourage self soothing

How to tackle naps

Colic and reflux

Calming tricks


Video Sleep Consult

180 AED

Intake form

Ask up to 5 questions

Personal video response within 2 working days

Includes the Baby Sleep Guide


Zoom Sleep Consult

215 AED

Intake form

Ask up to 5 questions

1 hour zoom call to discuss questions


(Includes Baby Sleep Guide)


Need 1:1 Sleep Coaching for

your infant?

Whether your baby has just arrived or you are still expecting, there is a lot you can learn now that can guarantee a few more hours of sleep every week! 

Sleep should not be a guessing game!

Unlimited Newborn Sleep Package

595 AED

Newborn Sleep survival guide 60 min Sleep Consult


Premium Newborn Sleep Package

995 AED

Newborn Sleep survival guide 60 min Initial Sleep Consult Weekly phone call until baby is 12 weeks old


How it Works

You will receive the Newborn Sleep survival guide and we will speak over zoom to not only walk you through the guide but also respond to all your questions. If you choose to receive my 1:1 support, we will have a weekly call during the first 12 weeks of life of your precious little one to make sure that you shape your baby's sleep to ensure that you have an amazing sleeper from day one!

Discovery Call & Proposal

Receive the Sleep Guide

You will receive the Newborn sleep survival guide in your inbox immediately to start getting educated on how to shape your little one's sleep.

Sleep Consult


Have questions about the plan? You are not sure wether you need a sleep coach by your side? Book a 30 min free discovery call with me to talk about your concerns. I will share how we can, together, get sleep for your family.

I will send you a proposal after our call and, once you have decided, you will be prompted to sign a contract and pay the invoice.

We are now ready to get the ball of sleep rolling for your family!

We will schedule a 60 minute sleep consult to walk you through the first twelve weeks of your baby, telling you how sleep works and what healthy sleep habits you can implement to have an amazing sleeper from day one!

A weekly 30 minutes call every week until your little one is 12 weeks old to support you in implementing all those healthy sleep habits from the day you arrive home from the hospital!


My baby was sleeping in his crib after 2 days!

Our four month old baby didn't sleep in his crib, only on top of us... We were completely desperate when we called Isabel to help us because we had tried everything.


I couldn't believe it when I saw my baby peacefully sleeping in his crib after 2 days!! 

Isabel has changed our lives so much!

- Alvaro, 4 mo


Ready to get your little one to sleep?