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What is the Dunstan Baby Language?

Every newborn is totally capable of expressing their basic needs through different crying sounds. Research has found that this language is shared by all babies throughout the world. We call this the Dunstan Baby Language (DBL)


Hello, I'm Sara!

When I first became a parent, I absolutely had no clue as to what my son was trying to communicate with his cries. Oh, how I wish I knew then what I know now.

Simply hearing their babies cries leaves parents helpless and paralyzed but when they know how to interpret those cries, it changes everything.

As an accredited DBL Educator, I will teach you how to understand your babies needs by tuning your ears and finding meaning within the sounds they make. With practice you will discover the joy of listening to and understanding your baby. I will help you take out the guesswork and establish a truly empathetic relationship with your child.



There are 5 different sounds your newborn child can make

NEH - "I'm hungry" - Time to feed your baby

EAIRH - "I have lower gas" - Massage your baby to help the gas flow along

OWH - "I'm sleepy" - Help your baby sleep

HEH - "I'm not comfy" - Check if baby is too hot or cold or has a dirty diaper

EH - "I need to burp" - Burp your baby

Private Online Classes

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