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Bedtime Talks

Want to learn sleep with a group of mommies who, like you, are still figuring it out for their child?

Grab a seat, save the date, I gotcha! 

The Bedtime Talks are 2 hour online workshops where you not only get all the info explained by a sleep expert, but also have the opportunity to ask all your hot sleep related questions and learn from everyone attending!


You will also receive a link to download the presentation right after the workshop, yeay!

Children's Sleep: from newborn to toddler

  • Learn sleep fundamentals

  • Creating the best environment for sleep

  • Bedtime routines

  • How to get your baby to finally sleep in the crib

  • Ideal schedules

  • Sleep regressions

  • Understand what's preventing your child to sleep through the night

Available slots:

  • June 1, 12 - 2 PM - Spanish 

  • June 4, 12 - 2 PM - Spanish


Sold Out

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