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The perfect nap time routine

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

We all know that routines are great with our kiddos! Routines help children anticipate what is going to happen and therefore prepare them for it.

That is why having a set of steps that we repeat everyday before putting our baby to sleep can make the whole process a lot smoother for both us and our little one. Still, most families have a bedtime routine for nighttime but they forget to implement one to follow right before naps.

A nap time routine serves as a break from active time to rest time and sets the mood for sleep.

You do not need to spend 30-45 minutes, as you do for nighttime. Only 5-10 minutes is more than enough!

I hereby provide you with a simple 5 steps bedtime routine that you can implement today to help your baby wind down right before the nap!

1. The feed

If your baby is currently taking short naps you want to make sure that (s)he is fed less than 30 minutes before being put to sleep. Extra tip: feed out of the bedroom and keep the baby awake. The bedroom is for sleeping!

2. Good night!

Most babies enjoy saying night night to everything and everybody, from people in the room to toys or paintings on the walls. It can be a fun ritual while you are walking towards the bedroom.

3. Close the blinds

Close the blinds together with your little one. The change from light to darkness will be a huge cue for your baby that sleep time is coming.

4. PJs

Dress your kid for sleep! Laying down in your jeans for a quick snooze does not feel the same than when you lay down and get under the covers of the bed for a nap. That, my friend, is gonna be a long nap. It's the same with your baby! If you dress your little in sleepy clothes it will send a huge signal that hey, it's time to nap!

Bonus tip: Use a sleep sack ;-)

5. Sleep

You can finally rock your baby and sing a lullaby before you leave him/her in the crib and give a gentle kiss. It's time to sleep!

Implement this and share with me how this impacts your naps!!

Much love!



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